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28-Week Prayer Guide


Church Family, this week we will be praying for those closest to us, our family. We are going to be examining Psalm 20. This Psalm is a prayer for God’s blessing, protection, and victory. It reflects the heartfelt cries of individuals seeking divine intervention and support, particularly in times of need or uncertainty. We are in a battle like David was when he wrote these words, yet our battle is for the hearts of our children and ourselves. The enemy would love to see us fail, but we have the Lord on our side, and He promises victory. Let’s pray together for not just our family but the families next door. Each day, read the entire Psalm but pray for the focused verses listed below.

Week 9
Day 7

May 4

Lord, give victory to the king! May he answer us on the day that we call.

— Psalms 20:9

REMINDER: Rejoice in the salvation that comes from the Lord. Spend time praising Him for His deliverance and victory. Pray for the salvation and spiritual growth of each member of your household, asking God to work in their hearts and lives. Pray for the spiritual well-being and growth of each family member, trusting in God’s redemptive work in their lives. 


–  Pray for a deep sense of God’s presence with you and your family, comforting you and giving you peace in every situation.

–  Pray for hope and confidence in God’s salvation, knowing that He has already secured victory through Jesus Christ.

–  Ask God to give you and your family courage to face the battles of life, knowing that He fights on your behalf. 


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