Go Beyond At Home

28-Week Prayer Guide


Our life-giving God is the author of all spiritual life. The Lord’s deepest desire for his children is to live in total and joyous dependence on Him. Even those who are born again and part of Christ’s family have the propensity to drift away from a close relationship with God and into indifference and lifeless lethargy because of our active rebellion or passive apathy. Revival starts with understanding our desperate need for God’s intervention in our personal lives, hearts, homes, relationships, church, and community. It starts when we cry out to God and ask Him to revive us.

Week 8
Day 3

April 23

“Today salvation has come to this house…

— Luke 19:9

REMINDER: The Lord redirects our attention to Him. We are invited to be devoted disciples and intentional primary faith trainers at home. And that begins by cultivating a true desire to imitate and follow Jesus’ steps. That is, seeking a personal moment in the Father’s presence by praying, reading the Scripture, and making decisions that bring joy to His heart. It includes modeling coherent living as a follower at home. It implies intentionality in intimacy with God and inviting our families to enjoy the same. At the end of the day, we will be accountable for how close we walk with the Lord and, most of all, how we influence our families to do the same. And that’s the revival God desires for our families and homes.


–  Thank God for the beautiful gift of your family. Thank Him for allowing you to have someone to share life and walk life’s journey together.

–  Pray that they Lord will show you how to make Him priority number 1 in your family. 

–  Ask the Lord to show you clear ways to have a family rhythm that reflects the Lord is first above all.

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