Kingsland is committed to helping couples prepare and grow marriages that reflect the image of God. We believe that couples grow and learn the most through authentic, biblical community. One of the ways we experience this type of community is through Marriage Mentoring.

    What is Marriage Mentoring?

    Marriage Mentoring is one couple helping another couple to either 1) Prepare for marriage 2) Grow their marriage or 3) Heal their marriage.

    How does Marriage Mentoring Work?

    A mentoring couple meets with their mentee couple for a few weeks or up to a few months, depending upon the needs of the mentee couple. The two couples decide on a place to meet (coffee shop, at home, restaurant) and meet for approximately 1 - 2 hours per week or every other week. We have a variety of marriage study guides/workbooks that couples can choose from to structure their mentoring journey.

    What do Marriage Mentors do?

    Marriage Mentors are trained to listen, encourage and help couples either prepare for marriage, grow a healthier and more Christ-centered marriage or experience healing in their marriage. This takes place in the context of an authentic relationship between a mentoring couple and a mentee couple. Mentoring couples have experienced God’s grace in their marriage and want to be a blessing to other couples. Marriage Mentors are not professional counselors but are trained through Strong Marriages to serve as marriage mentors.
    For more information about our Marriage Mentoring Ministry, please email or call 281.675.7862.

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