Each Sunday night, 6th-12th grade students meet in homes all across Katy to study God's Word and have biblical community together. This discipleship ministry is designed to help students, who know God, grow and mature in their relationship with Him through many areas including: 



    The KSM is blessed to have selfless leaders who step up to do life with their students and disciple them in the gospel.

    One of the main disciplines of LifeGroups is teaching students about living missionally. Upon completing the year of LifeGroups, students have opportunity to attend a summer mission trip. In the past, students who have completed LifeGroups have had the opportunity to serve with Missionary partners in places such as Jordan, Nicaragua, Montana, Chicago, Brookshire and other areas. 

    LifeGroups is a discipleship ministry geared toward pointing students to a deeper personal relationship with God. It is a year-long commitment for followers of Christ looking to intentionally grow in their faith. If you are just beginning your journey with God, the KSM team encourages you to first plug into the local church you attend prior to jumping into LifeGroups. Our team will prayerfully place students in groups and homes once registration has closed. We cannot guarantee requests and ask you to understand that there are a lot of variables (friend requests, schools, location of homes, and who is willing to serve and disciple students this year) at play when forming groups. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our staff and we would love to connect with you and your family! 


    An important part of LifeGroups is leaders for the groups and host homes to meet in. You must register online to be a part of LifeGroups as a student, a leader, or a host home. For people interested in serving as a leader or host home, please remember this is an application. The KSM staff receives many applications and prays through our leadership involvement, and we appreciate your grace and prayers in the process. After you have applied, the staff will be reaching out to you!






    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I join a LifeGroup?

    Click the Student Registration link above to register for LifeGroups. LifeGroups are not open to join during the year.

    When do LifeGroups begin?

    LifeGroups begin in September each year and last until the begin of May. (There is a break during December).

    Which LifeGroup will I be in?

    LifeGroups are divided by grade and gender and predetermined by staff at the beginning of the year. Students and parents are not responsible for forming groups. Look for an email the week prior to groups starting for student placement.

    How much does it cost to join LifeGroups?

    The cost for LifeGroups is $25. per school year for 6th-12th grade.

    Who leads LifeGroups?

    Strong adult leaders and college students that are members of Kingsland will lead each group. Theses leaders have a passion for God and students! We also have several high school seniors that will lead some of the junior high LifeGroups.

    Where do LifeGroups meet?

    Lifegroups meet in homes all over the Katy area. Please understand that we are not able to guarantee the home your student is placed in will be near your home. Church families open up their homes and we place groups in them taking into account a variety of things.

    When do LifeGroups meet?

    LifeGroups meet on Sunday evenings throughout the school year from 6:00pm-7:30pm. This is the only night of the week groups meet.

    Is it true that I have to complete a year of LifeGroups to be able to go on the summer mission trip?

    Upon completing the year of LifeGroup and being held accountable by their leaders, students have the opportunity to serve on a summer mission trip. A student may not attend the summer mission trip if he/she has not successfully completed LifeGroups that year.

    What is expected of me when I join a LifeGroup?

    To gather weekly to build relationships and study God's Word. To form the habit of sitting with the Lord on a daily basis and weekly basis. To pray with others. To be challenged where I am in my walk with God (surrendering to Jesus, memorizing Scripture, leading a bible study, walking away from sin, living missionally, etc.) To seize opportunities to serve locally and away on mission trips.


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