Go Beyond At Home

28-Week Prayer Guide

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Church Family, 

Thank you to the many who have joined me on the journey of 28 weeks of prayer as we seek to “Go Beyond at Home” here at Kingsland. If you’re just getting started, that’s okay! I’m honored that you’ve joined us. Pastor Eric Conley and I preached this past Sunday on dependent prayer and fasting. The very act of prayer is one of dependence, and effective prayers are those in which we acknowledge the majesty and power of God alongside our own need for Him to move.  

Adult Discipleship Minister and Prayer Coordinator Susan Sowell has been gracious to write our prayers for this week. Thank you, Susan! Let’s look to God as we acknowledge our dependence on Him. 

Pastor Ryan

NOTE: You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13) 

Prayer and Fasting is an invitation from God to seek Him more deeply. But what if we don’t have a desire to seek God through prayer and fasting? What if we don’t feel close to God and the idea of prayer and fasting feels like a difficult task? There is great news for those of us who need help with prayer and fasting. God is passionate for us to know Him and walk in an intimate relationship with Him, so He will give us a desire to seek Him through prayer and fasting. We simply need to ask Him to help us seek Him with all our heart and give us a desire to know Him more deeply. God will do a powerful work in our hearts as we continually respond to His invitation to seek Him through prayer and fasting. He will work in our hearts in ways that will transform us and our homes, because we will experience a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. 

Week 3
Day 4

March 20

Resist him, firm in the faith, knowing that the same kind of sufferings are being experienced by your fellow believers throughout the world.

— 1 Peter 5:9

REMINDER: Spiritual warfare is a form of suffering. It is often painful when the enemy attacks us and our homes. The enemy’s lies are intended to devour (destroy)us, which means the lies are often targeted, painful lies intended to make us suffer. Scripture tells us to “resist him, firm in the faith.” As we pray and fast, we are deepening our relationship with God – increasing our faith and strength in Him. We are becoming prayer warriors who can resist the enemy and stand firm in the faith of our Mighty God! 


–  Thank God for saving you, rescuing you, and giving you His victory over the enemy. 

–  Invite God into the places in your heart and life where you feel defeated. Ask God to comfort you, set you free, and increase your faith in Him and for His faithfulness to walk with you, help you, and deliver you.

–  Ask God to do a powerful work in the people of Kingsland by making us a people who fight for one another’s hearts and homes through prayer. 

–  Pray for God to give you, your family, and the people at Kingsland a strong faith in God, especially during seasons of suffering. 

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