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28-Week Prayer Guide

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Church Family, 

I’m deeply grateful for all who are joining me in this season of earnest prayer for God’s blessing of Kingsland, and for wisdom and provision as we seek to follow God’s leading. This week, as we transition from the Beatitudes of Matthew 5, let’s pray out of the final “blessing” shared by the Lord: we need His power to face opposition from a culture that is averse to the things of God. As the culture continues to move further from the standards God has set forth, the differences in our own beliefs and the prevailing beliefs around us will have a greater contrast. Let’s pray together for wisdom, strength, and favor with those same neighbors as we seek to share the truth in love.

– Pastor Ryan Rush

Week 2
Day 1

March 10

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.”

— Matthew 5:10

REMINDER: Jesus has reminded his disciples that the Lord has tremendous blessings in store for those who will pursue aspects of life that the world devalues: dependence, mourning, humility, hunger, mercy, purity, and peace. Now, as we complete this list of Beatitudes, Jesus warns that persecution will be the result of following him. After all, the sum of these attributes go against cultural convention! Interestingly, when we are persecuted, those challenges will lead to brokenness before God, which takes us back to verse 3 and the entire process starts over.  


       Thank the Lord for blessing of his protection during difficult times.

       Ask God for favor and protection over our ministry as we continue to share the truth in love.

       Invite God to show you any area of your life that might be contrary to His perfec character.

       Pray that the truth of the Gospel – and the contrast between the hope of Christ and the hopelessness of the world – would bring many to faith.

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