Go Beyond At Home

28-Week Prayer Guide

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Throughout the New Testament Jesus spoke about the importance of service and the use of one’s talentsThis week we will focus on how, as followers of Christ, we have the opportunity to use our gifts and talents to demonstrate the love of Jesus to othersThe many Kingsland ministries allow it’s members to express their love and support of others by volunteering their time and talentsAs you read this week’s devotionals may God speak to your heart about how He can use you in His church. 

Week 17
Day 7

June 29

And if you offer yourself to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted one, then your light will shine in the dark and your night will be like noonday.

— Isaiah 58:10

REMINDER: If there was ever a time that we needed a light to shine in a dark world, it is today. We have become a society of “taking” as opposed to “giving.”  A “what’s it in for me” world. An “I’m entitled” attitude. Isaiah told his people, and would tell us today, that by offering ourselves to others who are in need that our actions would bring light to the darkness. We need a world of “lightgiving” people who will see the love of Jesus through our actions.  


–  Pray that God will show you simple ways to help others and to bring light into their life.  

–  Pray that God will reveal to you those in your church or community who need help.  

–  Pray that God will use your gifts to bring to life God’s words in Isaiah 58:10   

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