Go Beyond At Home

28-Week Prayer Guide

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Throughout the New Testament Jesus spoke about the importance of service and the use of one’s talentsThis week we will focus on how, as followers of Christ, we have the opportunity to use our gifts and talents to demonstrate the love of Jesus to othersThe many Kingsland ministries allow it’s members to express their love and support of others by volunteering their time and talentsAs you read this week’s devotionals may God speak to your heart about how He can use you in His church. 

Week 17
Day 4

June 26

Do not lack diligence in zeal; be fervent in the Spirit; serve the Lord.

— Romans 12:11

REMINDER: Paul writes to the Chirstian church in Rome to never be lacking in their zeal, keep their spiritual fervor and serve the Lord. God has called His people to a lifestyle of service to Him by serving others. He does not call us to serve with a begrudging attitude. If we are serving out of an attitude of hope, love, and joy, we will do so with great zeal and spiritual fervor and we will be blessed with the fruits of our service.  


–  Pray that God will feel your heart with love, hope, and joy as you answer His call to volunteer in the many ministries in the church. 

–  Thank God for the “spiritual energy” you receive by allowing Him to use your talents and gifts in serving others.  

–  Pray that people around you will witness and desire the zeal and spiritual fervor you experience by serving others in the Body of Christ.  

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