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28-Week Prayer Guide

Spirit-led community

This week we will be focusing on spirit-led community, one of Kingsland’s core values. Here at Kingsland, we value authentic community that extends out of our personal relationship with Jesus, and the Spirit-filled life to which we are called. We realize that true community happens naturally when we are fully, mutually dependent on the Lord. Bearing one another’s burdens, edification, mutual intercession, and corporate worship are the tools God uses to connect our hearts. Most importantly, we acknowledge that the most foundational purpose for our worship is that God is worthy to be sought by His People. 

Week 15
Day 3

June 11

“How delightfully good when brothers live together in harmony!

—  Psalm 133:1

REMINDER: Today’s verse focuses on unity and the joy it brings! This is one of the psalms of ascent, so when the Israelites journeyed to Jerusalem, they would sing this song of praise. As we head towards our heavenly home, we also should strive to live together in harmony and unity.


–  Find a song of praise and take a moment to pause and worship the Lord.

–  Pray that we may learn to live together in Christ in godly love and unity.

–  Ask God to protect us from discord, disunity or division and help us to stand firm in our faith.

–  If there are any disagreements between you and another, pray that God will soften hearts and bring about reconciliation.

–  Pray that we honor God by living with others in unity.


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