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28-Week Prayer Guide


Friendship is truly one of God’s blessings to mankind. These verses highlight the importance of loyal, supportive friendships, the value of heartfelt advice, and the impact of community in both joyous and challenging times.

The idea of community comes from the sense of responsibility we have for each other. In the bible, God encourages us to take care of our brothers and sisters whether they are friends or enemies. We must remember the importance of maintaining the connection with each other and focusing on building a community of love in words, actions, and prayers.

Week 13
Day 6

May 31

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

—  Proverbs 17:17

REMINDER: God knew we needed friendship. This verse emphasized that a friend’s love is not limited to favorable times but endures through all the seasons of life. It paints a beautiful picture of enduring companionship and the support that friends provide during life’s trials. So, let’s cherish such meaningful relationships!


Thank God for a friend who has been reliable and faithful through the ups and downs of life.

–  Pray your heart would be moved with the compassion of Christ today and follow through on an urge you have to help a friend.

–  Ask God to give you the strength to support a friend according to His will.

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