Go Beyond At Home

28-Week Prayer Guide


Church Family,

I’m deeply grateful for all who are joining me in this season of earnest prayer for God’s blessing of Kingsland, and for wisdom and provision as we seek to follow God’s leading. This week, we have the opportunity to pray for marriages in our congregation – and if we are married this is a great opportunity to pray for our own marriage. May our church be strengthened by the growth of healthy marriages!

Week 12
Day 7

May 25

“Then he said, ‘Let anyone who has ears to hear listen.’

—  Mark 4:9

REMINDER: Jesus spent a good deal of His time on Earth urging people to listen. Listening is a fundamental ingredient to a healthy marriage. Without listening, relationships break down and friction arises. Being together, building intimacy, and growing in our “oneness” requires both spouses to listen. It’s amazing what the simple act of listening can do for your marriage.


–  Ask God to give you “ears to hear” in your home.

–  Ask Him to give you the discipline and strength to listen first and speak second.

–  Ask the Lord to show you times you have failed to listen to your spouse. Ask your spouse for forgiveness for those moments.

–  Thank God for the gift of your spouse.

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