KSM Mission Trips are for students who are enrolled in a LifeGroup. They are a great way for LifeGroup students to live out what they have learned during the year of LifeGroups. Each student MUST complete the yearly LifeGroup aspects to be eligible for the summer mission trip. These aspects are given to the students at the beginning of the year and include being present regularly, memorizing scripture, completing Bible study lessons and taking sermon notes.



What you need to know about Mission Trip registration:


2019 Mission Trips:6th Grade

Houston, TX – July 11-14 – Final Cost $200 – Non-refundable Deposit $100.

Students stay at the University of Houston dorms and partner with both Rose of Sharon Baptist Church and Generation ONE in the 3rd and 4th wards of Houston. The trip is from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning and includes service work such as house painting, community block parties in the evenings, and growing relationships with the people of these communities. Students have opportunity to learn the true heart of service and gain deeper understanding of why the Gospel is important to share.

7th Grade

arlington, TX – JULY 7-12 – FINAL COST $300 – NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT $150.

Students will partner with Mission Arlington and engage in mobile backyard Bible clubs called Rainbow Express. Each day these lessons will teach powerful truths about Jesus and by the end of the week our students will be sharing Christ with all the children in their groups. Each night we will have a time of worship, teaching and reflection on the God moments of the day.

8th Grade 

Memphis, Tn – JULY 7-12 – FINAL COST $350 – NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT $175

This summer our 8th grade students will journey to The Bluff City and spend time partnering with various mission focused entities by working at a children's home ranch, serving in the inner city of Memphis and ministering to those without Christ. Along the way our students will learn about the challenges that African Americans have faced in our culture. It will be an incredible missionary experience to serve and learn.

9th Grade 

Chicago, Il – JULY 6-13 – FINAL COST $675 – NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT $338.

This summer, 9th grade students will serve in Chicago with an organization called LEAD222. LEAD222 strives to give students a servant leadership experience that will equip them for ministry even when they return home. Our theme for the week will have us diving into the value of Leading Courageously. This week will inspire students to courageously overcome the fears that stand in the way of leading others for God’s purposes. Get ready to be challenged in your leadership, selfless influence and your walk with Jesus!


10th Grade 

Anchorage, AK – JULY 6-14 – FINAL COST $925 – NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT $463

Our students will be working with an outreach ministry named Grace Works. This ministry uses parks to hold backyard bible schools and park parties to connect the people of Anchorage with a local church in their area. Our group will also be doing free bike repairs at those parks and throughout the city. Anchorage is a very unchurched place in the United States, and our students will be utilized to help churches make connections with people there. The state of Alaska can be changed because of our students work there, because almost 70% of the state’s population is in Anchorage.


11th Grade 

Colombia – JULY 7-13 – FINAL COST $1000 – NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT $500

Our 11th grade students will spend a week serving alongside our mission partners from Conviventia (www.conviventia.org). Our service projects will include, construction and beautification work at the Conviventia Schools, hosting a day camp for 9th and 10th grade students, and working alongside our partners as they minister to families in the community and in individual homes. Most importantly, we will have the opportunity to share the Gospel through our works and our words.


12th GradE


Join Pastor Omar on the pilgrimage of a lifetime — a journey to walk in the footsteps of Jesus in the land of Israel. This trip is designed to help strengthen your biblical worldview as you prepare for the next stage of your own journey to college and beyond. Don’t mis this opportunity to see and experience the places where the biblical narrative unfolded.