KSM Student Ministry Teams


Here in the KSM, we believe that each student has been given passions, creativity, talents, and spiritual gifts that can and should be used to further God’s kingdom. We desire to and deem it our responsibility to make available to you various opportunities to unearth, grow, and flourish in these giftings. Our prayer in doing so is to allow you to be challenged to own and lead out in the area of service you commit to, in the church, and in the city of Katy.

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 The following Ministry Teams are available or will be available in the future:  

Core Group Leaders (11th & 12th grade students only) 

These leaders assist junior high core groups on Sunday mornings. They will help facilitate discussion during small group time, build relationships with Junior High Students, and have equipping times throughout the year on small group leadership. Contact: Chris Kincaid - ckincaid@kingsland.org

Katalyst Student Leader (High School only) 

A catalyst is a person or event that quickly causes change or action. Our Student Leadership midweek ministry, Katalyst, will focus on equipping, encouraging and empowering students to be life-long Gospel-advancing leaders in their homes, schools and communities. Our hope is to challenge students and give them opportunities to put into practice the command of Jesus to go and make disciples. Contact: Joe Landi - jlandi@kingsland.org

Ignite Lead Team

This is a team for Junior High Students to serve and lead in Ignite. Students will be given the opportunity to give announcements on stage, and help pick and facilitate games. Throughout the year students on this team will have opportunities to be trained on how they can use their gifts for God’s glory. Contact: Chris Kincaid- ckincaid@kingsland.org

Special Buddies

Volunteering to work with individuals that have special needs is a very rewarding experience.  Our main goal is to connect with and build a relationship with our Special Buddies. Special Buddies will provide students the opportunity serve with special needs adults, teens, or children. Contact: Nancy Butschek- nbutschek@kingsland.org

Tech & Media

The Tech and Media Team assists with lighting, computer, video, and technical support in main church services, and during various KSM events and gatherings. If you are interested in helping with media and technical support, then this is the team for you! Contact: Sean Cunningham - scunningham@kingsland.org

Preschool Helper

These students serve on Sunday mornings and help the lead teachers in the preschool department. They may volunteer with children from age one through kindergarten. If interested, please fill out a Student Volunteer Permission Form and return it to Laura Hearn- lhearn@kingsland.org

Kids’ Church

We need help greeting kids and playing games with them, helping them stay focused and walking them to their classrooms for Bible study every week from 9:15-10:40. If you love playing and helping with kids, this is the place for you!Contact:Leslee McWhirter - lmcwhirter@kingsland.org

One Voice Choir (HS only)

One Voice is a mixed (guys and girls) vocal ensemble available for 9th-12th graders. This group has multiple opportunities to lead in worship at Kingsland through special music, worship services and concerts. One Voice requires an audition, which happens at the beginning of the school year (August/September). If you have a heart for worship and talent in singing sign up for an audition!Contact:Josh Stewart - jstewart@kingsland.org


All students interested in Ministry Teams will need to complete an application, and some Ministry Teams will require try-outs. Contact Joe with any additional questions. Contact: Joe Landi - jlandi@kingsland.org