Same-Sex Attraction & Gender Identity Confusion Resources

Early Childhood – Adolescence


Resources for Teens:



-          Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been: Jackie Hill Perry

-          What Are You Waiting For? The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex: Dannah Gresh

-          Rethinking Sexuality: God’s Design and Why it Matters by Dr. Juli Slattery

-          Talking With Teens About Sexuality by Beth Robinson, EdD and Latayne C. Scott, PhD (February 2021)

-          Engendered: What was God Thinking? By Patsy Cameneti


-          Rethinking Sexuality: God’s Design and Why it Matters Small Group Curriculum by Dr. Juli Slattery

-          Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students by Cooper Pinson (Minister-Led)

Resources for Parents:


-          Rethinking Sexuality: God’s Design and Why it Matters by Dr. Juli Slattery

-          Talking With Teens About Sexuality by Beth Robinson, EdD and Latayne C. Scott, PhD (February 2021)

-          Engendered: What was God Thinking? By Patsy Cameneti

-          Understanding Sexual Identity: A Resource for Youth Ministry by Mark Yarhouse

-          Secure Daughters, Confident Sons by Glenn T. Stanton

-          Pursing Sexual Wholenessby Andrew Comiskey

-          Engaging Your Teens World: Understanding What Today’s Youth are Thinking, Doing, and Watching by David Eaton & Jeremiah Calliham

-          Emerging Gender Ideas: Understanding Diverse Experiences of Today’s Youth


-          Rethinking Sexuality: God’s Design and Why it Matters Small Group Curriculum by Dr. Juli Slattery

-          Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students by Cooper Pinson (Minister-Led)


-          Focus on The Family: Responding to a Teen Child Who Says He’s Gay


-          Neil T Anderson Prayer from his book The Bondage Breaker


-          Pop-culture training for parents: David Eaton on Upstream with Shane Morris 

-          Engendered: What was God Thinking: A Conversation with Patsy Cameneti (Linked under Cameneti’s Book)


  1. Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been by Jackie Hill Perry

In Gay Girl, Good God, author Jackie Hill Perry shares her own story, offering practical tools that helped her in the process of finding wholeness. Jackie grew up fatherless and experienced gender confusion. She embraced masculinity and homosexuality with every fiber of her being. She knew that Christians had a lot to say about all of the above. But was she supposed to change herself? How was she supposed to stop loving women, when homosexuality felt more natural to her than heterosexuality ever could?

At age nineteen, Jackie came face-to-face with what it meant to be made new. And not in a church, or through contact with Christians. God broke in and turned her heart toward Him right in her own bedroom in light of His gospel.

Review by TGC  Review by Intersect Project  Video by Jackie Hill Perry discussing book

  1. What Are You Waiting For? The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex by Dannah Gresh

In What Are You Waiting For? Dannah follows the trail of one provocative, ancient word through the Bible to discover God’s deepest thoughts about sex. The mind-blowing truth she uncovers clearly points the way to a sexuality that’s satisfying and real and everything God designed it to be. 

- straight talk about masturbation and pornography
- the ground-breaking science that explains the addictive power of romantic experiences
- honest answers about the lesbian question
- a clear plan for breaking free from sexual guilt
- the unexpected key to a lifetime of truly fulfilling intimacy

If you’re a young woman looking for honest answers about sex—and wondering why it’s such a big deal to God—you’ve come to the right place. In these pages you’ll discover a life-changing truth that no one ever talks about—a truth that will transform everything you think you know about sex, romance, and God.

Video by Dannah Gresh discussing book • Focus on the Family Podcast with Dannah Gresh discussing book

  1. Rethinking Sexuality: God’s Design and Why It Matters by Dr. Juli Slattery

Sexual abuse, sex addiction, gender confusion, brokenness, and shame plague today's world, and people are seeking clarity and hope. By contesting long-held cultural paradigms, this book equips you to see how sexuality is rooted in the broader context of God's heart and His work for us on earth. It provides a framework from which to understand the big picture of sexual challenges and wholeness, and helps you recognize that every sexual question is ultimately a spiritual one. It shifts the paradigm from combating sexual problems to confidently proclaiming and modeling the road to sacred sexuality.
Instead of arguing with the world about what's right and wrong about sexual choices, this practical resource equips you to share the love and grace of Jesus as you encounter the pain of sexual brokenness--your own or someone else's.

Dr. Juli Slattery discussing Rethinking Sexuality on Focus on the Family

*Peer Reviews*

"This book is groundbreaking! I’ve pastored for more than three decades and never before have I read such a clear, theologically sound, compassionate, and insightful work on sexuality. Juli addresses all the sexual issues most Christians are afraid to talk about, and she provides deeper answers than most of us have ever considered. She offers not only practical wisdom to navigate the sexual confusion of our day but also a paradigm-changing game plan to sexually disciple those God has placed in our care."
— Chip Ingram, president and teaching pastor of Living on the Edge and author of Culture Shock

"The church has been silent about sex except for shouting, ’No, wait! It will one day be great.’ But many believers are not waiting, and most are finding out that sex is a lot more difficult and broken than they want to admit. It is high time we begin to understand the narrative and meaning of one of God’s great gifts to humanity and what it means to grow not only in sexual purity but also in maturity. I deeply respect Juli Slattery. Her thinking is foundationally biblical and wise while also being well informed and thoughtful. I consider this a seminal work to aid the church in growing in a conversation that goes beyond Just say no."
— Dan B. Allender, PhD, author of The Wounded Heart and God Loves Sex, professor of counseling psychology and founding president of the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

"If you’re anything like me, you’ve never expected to see the two words sexual and discipleship purposely paired together. But get ready for a whole new paradigm in this incredibly important book. Dr. Slattery is, in my opinion, one of the most articulate, thought-provoking, clear-thinking writers and speakers on genuine intimacy on the planet. Forget the toaster as a wedding gift. Give this book to newly married couples who have grown up in our sexual wasteland of a world. And make sure you and your spouse devour this book as well, like my wife, Cindy, and I did. Juli is right—we are all sexually broken in some ways. Here’s where healing and health can begin."
— John Trent, PhD, author and president of, Gary D. Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy at Moody Theological Seminary

Book Review (YouTube Video) 

  1. Talking With Teens About Sexuality by Beth Robinson, EdD and Latayne C. Scott, PhD

Gender confusion, pornography, the #MeToo movement, online boundaries . . . discussing sexuality and protection with young people is more complicated now than ever! In this straightforward guide, Robinson and Scott help you better understand your teens' world and provide strategies for helping them stand up in the midst of cultural pressures. Includes conversation starters. 

When Dr. Robinson asked her freshman psychology students what today's parents need to know about teens and sex, they said parents do not have a realistic view of the world their children live in. A healthy sexual identity requires more than just a list of what not to do. In today's culture of sexual identity confusion, ubiquitous pornography, and #MeToo, teenagers need to know how to protect themselves as well as how to treat others. 

Talking with Teens about Sexuality will help you understand your teen's world and give you effective strategies in the midst of cultural pressures. Drs. Robinson and Scott provide scientifically reliable and biblically based information about gender fluidity, types of intimacy, online dangers, setting boundaries, and much more. Along the way, the book provides useful conversation starters and insightful guidance.

Don't let fear keep you from engaging in vital conversations. Learn how to talk to your teen with knowledge and confidence, guiding them toward a sexually healthy future.

  1. Alive: Gospel Sexuality For Students by Cooper Pinson (Grades 8-12)

Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students gives teenagers and young adults a biblical, gospel-centered framework to understand sexual issues. In a changing culture where feelings about our identity inform our sexual choices, this ten-week small group resource from Harvest USA applies biblical truth in a compassionate way to sexual struggles.

Cooper Pinson, with years of experience working with students, aims to bring the theological truths of our union and communion with Christ into the world of sexuality. Students are met where they are and encouraged to talk about the issues that are part of their everyday world. At the same time, Pinson guides them to learn robust, deep, and strengthening theological content that will help them follow Jesus in how they express their sexuality.

Out of this framework, topics addressed include God's good design for sexuality, gender-related issues, singleness, dating, marriage, masturbation, pornography, and same-sex attraction, among others. Students are shepherded to understand their sexuality in light of who Jesus is and to approach these issues with truth, faith, and compassion.

Review - Deus Misereatur • Review - Literature Approved • Review -

Book comes with a workbook study. May be best to be used as a counseling tool with ministers alongside parents and their child. More so opens a door of honest, vulnerable discussion where truth can be shared and spoken.

6. Pursuing Sexual Wholeness by Andrew Comiskey

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness is full of practical insights and scriptural support for anyone seeking to understand sexual brokenness and the pursuit of sexual wholeness in Christ. Andrew writes of his own commitment to overcome homosexuality in his own life and also looks at the lives of others who have made the same choices as he did in pursuing healing for same-sex attraction.

Andrew Comiskey discusses his own early adolescent identity struggle and experimenting with same-sex attraction. He was at a young age “identified” by peers as being same-sex attracted which led him to embrace that identity and living a temporary period of lies. He is now a pastor.

7. Engaging Your Teens World: Understanding What Today’s Youth are Thinking, Doing, and Watching by David Eaton & Jeremiah Calliham

The intimidating evolution of technology and social media have created a virtual chasm between children and their parents today. Dr. Tim Clinton dissects this tough subject with David Eaton, president of Axis, an organization dedicated to helping parents bridge the communication gap. They examine the addictive relationship teens have with their smartphones and provide tips for parents on developing constructive dialogues with their kids.

Good for parents understanding the influence unrestricted phone access and limitless boundaries have on teens. How teens are using social media and ways they are being influenced into alternative progressive experiences. Not fully centered on sexual identity/gender confusion, however, plays a heavy role in opening the door to confusion.

Podcast Interview

8. Emerging Gender Identities: Understanding Diverse Experiences of Today’s Youth

This inviting text provides a useful framework for Christians to use in approaching what can be difficult conversations around gender identity."--Publishers Weekly This book offers a measured Christian response to the diverse gender identities that are being embraced by an increasing number of adolescents. Mark Yarhouse and Julia Sadusky offer an honest, scientifically informed, compassionate, and nuanced treatment for all readers who care about or work with gender-diverse youth: pastors, church leaders, parents, family members, youth workers, and counselors. Yarhouse and Sadusky help readers distinguish between current mental health concerns, such as gender dysphoria, and the emerging gender identities that some young people turn to for a sense of identity and community. Based on the authors' significant clinical and ministry experience, this book casts a vision for practically engaging and ministering to teens navigating diverse gender-identity concerns. It also equips readers to critically engage gender theory based on a Christian view of sex and gender.

Authors: Mark Yarhouse (PsyD, Wheaton College), a licensed clinical psychologist, Julia Sadusky (PsyD, Regent University) works as a clinical psychologist & youth minister

9. Secure Daughters, Confident Sons by Glenn T. Stanton

All ages and stages; childhood through teen. 

Raise secure, confident kids in a gender-confused world. In this eye-opening book, family researcher Glenn T. Stanton offers a clear vision for why gender matters in how we raise our children. His thought-provoking insights expose the problems with stifling stereotypes and damaging cultural assumptions, then highlights a practical pathway for guiding children into healthy manhood and womanhood.

You’ll discover what gender-appropriate behavior looks like at various ages and why you shouldn’t panic if your toddler boy plays with his sister’s dolls. How to help your daughter become secure in her sense of significance- whether she prefers chasing butterflies or shooting hoops. How to inspire your son to compete and take healthy risks in ways that fit his unique personality. How moms and dads complement one another as they discipline differently, comfort differently, and influence differently. What you can do on a daily basis to nurture your children’s God given design and help them resist the pressure to conform to arbitrary cultural rules.

With practical tools, well-researched insights, and real-life scenarios, this book equips parents to launch daughters who are secure in the power of the femininity and sons who are confident in their strength to make a difference in the world.

Review -


10. Engendered: What was God Thinking? By Patsy Cameneti

What was God thinking when He made man and woman, and what does that have to do with the roles they play? What did the Creator want marriage and family to look like? Did God anticipate an age filled with confusion about gender and sexuality or confusion about what it means to be a godly man, woman, husband, wife, father, or mother? Of course, He did. Yet, all confusion is cleared up when we look to our Creator. After all, we are His idea in the first place. In the pages of Engendered, author Patsy Cameneti sets out to carefully examine what the Bible reveals of Gods thoughts and creative intention in making man and woman. Stripping away culture and tradition, she shares raw truths from Gods Word that answer all the questions above and many more. Patsy points out that as we consider the subject of man and woman and their roles, well see that the model for both male and female is nothing less than God Himself! And His design becomes the pattern for all cultures, all ages, and all time

Book Review -

Podcast - What Was God Thinking: A Conversation With Patsy Cameneti


11. Understanding Sexual Identity: A Resource for Youth Ministry by Mark Yarhouse

            Description: Today’s youth struggle with difficult questions of sexual identity.  How can a youth worker offer wise care and counsel on such a controversial and confusing subject?  Mark Yarhouse, Director of the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity, writes to equip youth ministers so they can faithfully navigate the topic of sexual identity in a way that is honest, compassionate, and accessible.          

Reframing the focus away from the culture wars, Yarhouse introduces readers to the conversation beginning with the developmental considerations in the formation of sexual identity—all of which occurs in the teen years.  He offers practical and helpful ways to think about people who experience same-sex attraction. Sections of the book are also dedicated to helping parents respond to their children and teens who struggle with questions of sexual identity, as well as how youth ministry can become more relevant in the lives of youth who are navigating these issues.

Review -


Gender Identity Prayer from Neil T. Anderson’s The Bondage Breaker


Prayer for Sexual Healing - Ransomed Heart

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