Omar Garcia
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Our women’s justice ministry team serves on the front-lines of the battle against human trafficking in West Bengal. We serve at aftercare homes for young girls that have been rescued from brothels. We also offer a retreat for the women who minister to the girls in aftercare. These compassionate women must deal with a range of emotions as they care for girls who have suffered unimaginable horrors. Our retreat is designed to give them a measure of relief and to refresh and revive them for the work. Our team also offer a day spa for young girls and women who live in Kolkata’s red light districts and who are engaged in vocational training in the hope of leaving the brothels.

Our women’s justice ministry teams also serve at New Hope School. Our partner, Pastor Rudra, started this school for the children who live in a slum village of Hindu squatters on the outskirts of the city. We work with very young children who are vulnerable to being trafficked. The extreme poverty in this village creates the perfect environment for children to be sold or lured into sex work or domestic servitude in order to survive. Pastor Rudra’s New Hope school equips these children and their families with the tools to improve their lives. Our team also engages with New Hope’s vocational sewing program for women.

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