Omar Garcia
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Bengali Muslims are the largest unreached people group in the world. Today, God is at work in this restricted country as evidenced by the increasing numbers of Muslims who are coming to faith in Christ. Our missions ministry is engaged in evangelism, discipleship and pastor training, and church planting initiatives with our strategic partners.

We are also engaged with the Rohingya people in southeast Bangladesh. The Rohingya are a displaced people who have had to flee persecution in their native Myanmar only to face more persecution wherever they go. Most Rohingya live a hand-to-mouth existence, barely making it from day-to-day. These vulnerable human beings live each day not knowing whether their flimsy hovels will be torn down by the government, forcing them to leave and find another place to eke out a living. We started a school to educate the children of Rohingya refugees and also engage in evangelism initiatives in Rohingya squatter camps.

Members of this team must be capable of teaching, sharing their faith, and sharing chronological Bible stories with oral learners.

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