Kingsland SALAM Ministry exists to Serve And Love All Muslims in Katy and the surrounding community.

" Salam" means "peace" in Arabic and is often used as a "hello" greeting in Farsi.

Jesus said love God and love your neighbor! What does that look like if my neighbor is not a Christian? What if they are Muslim?

Come with me....Come and see

FREE Virtual Equipping with author Tariq Khan

"Reaching Muslims and Discipling MBBs

(Muslim Background Believers)"

Six one-hour sessions to equip you to reach Muslims and Disciple MBBs (Muslim Background Believers).

Every Monday night beginning January 25 - March 1

7:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Weekly Topics:

Jan 25: Why Reach Out to Muslims, and Some Ways to Do It

Feb 1: The Muslim Mindset 

Feb 8: Problems Faced by MBBs

Feb 15: Small Group and Church Growth

Feb 22: Evangelizing Muslims

Mar 1:A Strategy for Muslim Outreach (Including Overcoming Barriers)



We'd be honored to hear from you.  Email or call 281-675-7875