One Spirit, One Body, One Lord: A Study in I & 2 Corinthians  

Jan 13 - May 5

Teacher: Dr. Steve Jones  

Room: A-Conference (Central Campus) 

Corinth was a crossroads town.  People from all over the ancient world met there and brought with them their commerce, culture, language and ideas.  The Church in Corinth was made up of people from every culture and socio-economic group in the city.  Because of its diversity, the church felt pulled in different directions and was beginning to fragment.  Paul writes several letters to the church to deal with some problems that were causing division and to help them stay united by reminding them that they are a part of one body and serve the same Lord.  The same message of unity is desperately needed in our time as well.  We are going to be looking closely at Paul's Corinthian Letters in the hopes of learning the same lessons about preserving unity and finding our true identity as followers of Jesus. 

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