Combatting Pornography

We want to help you experience freedom from pornography. We also want to equip parents to help protect their child or teen from pornography and lead them to freedom from pornography. These are some resources that will help you take steps towards freedom from pornography. Jesus has the power to set us free - even from pornography. We pray God uses these resources to encourage you, equip you and lead you to freedom!

Email for help

Download the "AAA" Playbook

Your Family and Technology – Video & Resources (Empowered HOmes)

EMPOWERED HOMES PODCAST: Technology and Your Family

My Kid is Looking at Porn

Raising Godly Digital Natives - Covenant Eyes

Your Brain on Porn - Covenant Eyes

Overcome Porn: The 40 Day Email Challenge from Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes


Pure Life Ministries

Affinity – A Support Group For Men

Thursday Nights •  7:00 - 8:30 pm - A-Conference Room (First Floor, below main staircase near Entrance 1 - Central Campus) 

Affinity is a support group for men who struggle with the inability to connect well with others in the way God designed all humans. This incapability manifests itself through things like isolation, powerlessness over sexual compulsions, avoidance of love and immoral relationships. These behavioral problems are recognized as being sourced in the designed-in need for intimacy that all humans have and that has been distorted by sin.

At Affinity, we expect to see men who:

•  Struggle with sexual aspects of relationships.
•  Avoid loving their wives – even though they want to love them.
•  Have had long-term affairs, both sexual and emotional.
•  Can’t shake their pornography habit.
•  Don’t have truly close friends, and tend to isolate.

Affinity meetings are open and free to attend.  No pre-notification is necessary to attend, just show up.


If you are struggling and would like to connect with someone, please email or for support.  

Parakaleo - Women’s Support Group

Parakaleo is a support group providing a safe and confidential environment for women whose lives have been affected by the sexual impurity of a significant man in their lives. Here, you will find a group of women who can relate, support, and nurture you through this journey. The support group is led by women who have survived their own painful experience and have found healing on their journey. For more information, contact Rebecca Skinner at Weekly attendance is not required.

Men's Ministry

Family Freedom Ministry