In order to be married at Kingsland or to be married by a Kingsland Pastor at another venue, you must agree to the following commitments in the Pre-Marriage Covenant:

Commitment to Covenant Marriage

According to the Bible, marriage is a covenant agreement between one man, one woman, and God for the duration of life. A covenant is much different than a contract. A contract is by definition based on distrust. It is designed to protect individual parties in the event that one or the other of the parties does not fulfill the original agreement. Marriage is not a contract, but a covenant. A covenant is based on trust. A covenant agreement is made at the beginning of married life based on trust in God and His design for the family found in Genesis Chapter 2. We take this covenant seriously in model and in message at Kingsland.

Commitment to Christ

According to the Bible, marriage should be between a man and a woman who both profess their faith in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 6:14-18). In order to be married at Kingsland, both of you must have accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

Commitment to Purity

According to the Bible, sex is God's design for intimacy that is to be shared only in the context of marriage. Christians can practice their commitment to purity by not living together and remaining sexually pure. In order to be married at Kingsland we ask that you remain committed to purity.

For Those Previously Married

For those of you who have been previously married, we ask you to make the following additional commitment as you prepare for the challenges that blended families or second marriages bring. We ask that you attend DivorceCare or some kind of equivalent ministry. DivorceCare is a nationwide ministry and is offered here at Kingsland. We believe it is important for you to allow yourself time to heal from your previous marriage and to grow in your personal relationship with God.


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