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Preparing & Growing Marriages that Reflect the Image of God


We value and care about your marriage! We understand that marriage is a gift from God and designed to reflect His image. However, every marriage needs care and attention to grow and thrive to experience the real blessings of marriage. It’s no secret that marriages are under attack and we need strong marriages to build strong families. Our marriage classes, marriage mentors and marriage counseling are ways to help you grow a strong marriage that reflects the image of God. Our team of teachers, mentors and counselors will provide biblical truth through authentic relationships to help you grow a strong marriage.


Marriage Ministry Classes


Marriage Matters - Community Group

Sundays at 11:00 am in room L244/246 (Central Campus)

New Study Begins April 7th titled “Cherish” by Gary Thomas. This 6-week study will help strengthen and grow your marriage as we learn how to truly cherish our spouse and marriage.

Marriage Matters is a Community Group on Sunday mornings for couples of all ages. Marriage Matters is based on a 1-year marriage curriculum designed to help couples build a strong marriage using biblical truth and practical tools. Couples will discover the impact that experiencing true fulfillment in Jesus Christ has on their marriage and home. Couples will grow closer in their relationship with God and one another as they seek Him together. Led by Dan & Judi Post and Greg & Janet Burkett.

Becoming One - Community Group

Sundays at 9:30 am in room C230 (Central Campus)

Becoming One is a Community Group on Sunday mornings for couples who are engaged or newly married. Becoming One is designed around a 1-year marriage curriculum that helps couples build and grow marriages that reflect the image of Christ. Couples learn the importance of keeping their relationship with Christ the center of their marriage relationship. Class meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am in room C230 and is led by Ken and Pat Bramlett.


Wednesday nights at 6:15 to 8:15 pm in The Courts (Central Campus)

One of the common themes we talk about in our marriage classes is the importance of self-reflection. We get stuck at times in dysfunctional patterns of blaming and defensiveness and part of the hard work is to take a look at ourselves to see what is stirring in us as we work through issues in our marriage. Breakthroughs (formerly Crossroads) is an opportunity to allow that kind of reflection and to experience freedom from those patterns and learn to love and experience marriage in a richer and deeper way. Class meets Wednesdays from 6:15 to 8:15 pm in the Spring and Fall. Room C234.

Learn more or register for Breakthroughs.

Free to Bless Your Spouse

Future dates TBA. You are invited to join us for one of the above-listed marriage classes.

Discover how your own brokenness impacts your relationship with your spouse, how to receive healing and God’s grace to move past the walls in your marriage and experience freedom to bless your spouse. This 7 week class is for any couple seeking deeper intimacy with God and their spouse while gaining understanding of how brokenness and spiritual warfare impacts their marriage. The purpose of the class is to help couples experience freedom to bless their spouse. Class taught by Marriage Counselor, Doug Valot and his wife Wendy.


For any questions about marriage classes, contact Jessica Molinari at 281-675-7862 or