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Community Groups

Community Groups are small to medium size groups whose purpose are to teach relevant Biblical truth and connect believers with authentic community. We have groups that meet off campus during the week and others that meet at Central Campus Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 11:00.  Most Groups are organized by life stage but you are welcome anywhere.

Foundations, Men's & Women's Ministry

FoundationsMen's and Women's ministries are designed to meet specific needs in life both in Bible Study and times to get together. These range from retreats to studies on finances, and everything in between.

Nehemiah Prayer Guide



Head to the Kingsland App to download this week's screensaver with prayer of the week!

Core Groups and Small Groups

Core Groups are much more organic in structure. These are accountability and intentional discipleship groups that often arise from Community Groups or natural friendships. Kingsland desires to resource and support these small groups where men and women can do life with one another at the smallest level.

Equip Classes

Equip classes are 4 - 6 week classes on Sunday mornings designed to equip families in the area of Family Freedom Ministry. Equip classes are offered throughout the year on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am and taught by our staff with the purpose of equipping families with practical and biblical truth that leads families to true fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

Summer 2019 Equip Class: Intentional Parenting

Set Up a Meeting with Bobby

Hey! I'm Bobby Cooley, the Discipleship Pastor around here, and one of the things I want to continue to do is be available to you. I would love to meet with each and every one of you but I know the reality of that is tricky. 

However, I have set aside time each week just for you. I will be in The Table every Sunday morning at 8:30 AM at the Central Campus. We can discuss your group, catch up on life, help you get plugged in, or talk about anything you may have going on. I want to be available for you, and if we haven't already met, I would love to meet you! Follow the link below to sign up for one of the times on Sundays.

Meet with Bobby


First Generation Launch

First Generation

  • What is it? First, it’s not a new program. It’s an identity. It simply identifies those who are of grandparent age. 
  • Who are they? If you, your close siblings, or high school graduates are grandparents then you can identify as First Generation. But I have great-grandchildren? What about me? Yes, First Generation includes you too. You are doubly blessed!
  • Scripture and recent research indicate the influence that the First Generation impacts the second and third generation in their faith journey.By identity, FG-ers are Faith Models. We do this when we live intentional, tell our story, and have honest conversations. Kingsland desires to become more intentional in cultivating the wisdom of our more mature members by honoring the important role they have in the family and community. It’s not about age; it’s about purpose, identity, and the role we have in passing on the faith in Christ. Come and learn what First Generation is all about!

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Connect Brunch

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