According to Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 78, God intended the family to be the primary vehicle for the passing on of Christian doctrine and life application to the next generation.


The purpose of Legacy Milestones 

is to reveal a strategy for Kingsland to impact the generations through the home.


 The seven milestones include:

  1. Family Dedication
  2. Salvation & Baptism
  3. Preparing for Adolescence
  4. Purity for Life
  5. Preparing for Adulthood
  6. High School Graduation
  7. Biblical Marriage

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October 2020 is Milestone Month


Milestone 1: Family Dedication

This training introduces parents to the Legacy Path. We discuss what it means to be the Primary Faith Trainer in your home. We cover topics such as the blessing, core values, and boundaries. Parents will develop a Legacy Covenant that can be displayed in their home. The Milestone 1 class is offered at the Central Campus and the Family Dedication is offered at the Central Campus and the North Katy Campus.

Milestone 1 and Family Dedication dates

Milestone 2: Gospel Class for Parents and Kids Together.

The most important thing you will do as a parent is to lead your child to a saving relationship with Jesus. Is your child asking questions about salvation and baptism? Has your child made a decision, but you aren’t sure they really understand the basics? Are you struggling with how to have these conversations? You and your child are invited to an evening of a Gospel presentation through scripture, interactive activities and parent/child discussion times. Registration is required for the class and for younger siblings not attending the class that need childcare.

Milestone 2 Information and Registration

Milestone 3: Preparing for Adolescence

Are you ready to face the teen years…again? Kids go through huge changes mentally, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. This class will give you some practical ideas about how to prepare you and your child to enjoy the teen years. Amazing things are ahead! 

Milestone 3 InformatioN


Kingsland Student Ministry Milestone Dates and Information

Preparing for Purity

Have you had ‘the talk’ yet with your 6th and/or 7th grader? Do you know what to talk about or how to talk about it? Would you like a few resources and some helpful tips? We want to partner with you to get ready for the purity milestone we will walk through next fall when you have an 8th grader. We will provide some talking points, goals and a few resources to get you started. 

10th Grade Parents and Students - Attention 10th grade families – your son or daughter is hitting some big markers on the way to adulthood – driving a car and making more of their own decisions. We want to help you unpack all that’s going on during this season and give you some helpful tools and suggestions to make the next three years as intentional and enjoyable as possible. We will discuss tips on how to empower your students while staying connected and invested in their lives even as you give them space to grow as an adult. We want to prepare your family to move from adolescence to adulthood.

Preparing for High School Graduation

Parents of 11th graders, you are one year away from launching you sons and daughters into the world. Are they ready? We want to help provide some critical resources and tips on how to make the upcoming seniro year the best it can be. We will cover Practical and spiritual issues that you will want to address before they graduate. 


Milestone Seven: Biblical Marriage

Preparing & Growing Marriages that Reflect the Image of God