Kingsland’s Family Freedom Ministry has partnered with Hope Family Care to bring hope and healing to families who have lost a child as they learn to navigate their pain and grief. Hope Family Care is all about Community. Their hearts are that ‘no one should have to walk this journey alone’. Each family is supported through the receiving of Hope Bags, Family Retreats, and local Hope Family Communities. After the loss of their daughter, founders Jeff & Mackenzie Rollins share: “God has used Zoe’s loss in our lives as a way to allow us to walk with others through the pain of losing their children. It is a journey that begins with death, but can bring hope and healing amidst the loss.” At Kingsland, we join them in believing no family should have to walk through the loss of a child on their own. As we partner with Hope Family Care, we want to provide the support, encouragement and community families will benefit from on an ongoing basis as they continue to move forward through their loss in a healthy way.

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Hope Unshakeable

Next session - Fall 2020

Hope is something that we cannot live without. It is essential to life, yet so many families find themselves in the seemingly hopeless situation of trying to put back to together the pieces of their broken lives in the aftermath of the death of a child. Hope Unshakeable is a seven week Bible study that helps these child loss families establish and strengthen the deep roots needed to walk their grief journey. It is also a time for them to be able to connect with other families who are walking the same grief journey. Many families feel alone in the aftermath of child loss; it doesn’t have to be that way. Come join us for seven weeks of truth, tears, laughter, and triumph as we walk together on our grief journeys. Led by: Jeff & Mackenzie Rollins, Founders of Hope Family Care. No cost.

Week 1: Introduction & Meet Hope Family Care
Week 3: Faith to Believe
Week 3: Truth to Hold
Week 4: Confidence to Stand
Week 5: Hope to Look Forward
Week 6: Love to Look Beyond
Week 7: Purpose to Move Forward

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