The GIVING JOY Project provides free education to families in the community of Cristo Rey - a small village outside of Guatemala City.

The school provides transformational help to families in need through education and learning God's word. Curriculum endorsed by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education is provided as well as entrepreneurship workshops for the women of the village.

Students work at their own pace in a virtual classroom as well as face to face tutoring with trained teachers. The adults in the program have the ability to advance 3 grades in 1 year allowing them to start First Grade and graduate with a High School Diploma in 4 years.

By giving to Guatemala: Cooper Potts 4-14 Memorial, you are providing an education, school supplies, nutritious food and home kits consisting of stoves, water filtration kits and solar lights when needed to the families in Cristo Rey. The lasting impact of your small donation will be felt for years to come and will be an integral part of transforming lives one home at a time!

Ways to Give:

If you would like to be partnered with a student at the school to pray for, support and communicate with, please contact Heidi Doe. We pray that each student will be paired with someone from Kingsland to encourage them and pray for them.

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Why Cristo Rey?

Nestled into the jagged edge of a mountain just outside of Guatemala City is a small village called Cristo Rey. The community of Cristo Rey has been greatly impacted by Pastor Victor and the generosity of his humble church, Iglesia Nazarete Oriente. Pastor Victor recognized there are many needs the men, women and children of Cristo Rey have, and that these needs are absolutely able to be met. Cristo Rey is not without hope because God’s arm is not too short to reach into the people’s circumstances.

Much of the impoverished circumstances in Cristo Rey are due to a lack of education, resources, and space to educate the people. Most of the adults were unable to finish their education for various reasons, but the desire to finish their education remains. Many of the children do not go to school because they cannot afford the uniforms and supplies that are required, nor do they have the funding to get to and from local schools.

In February of 2019, Kingsland sent a small team of 11 women to Iglesia Nazarete Oriente. The goal was to introduce the women of Cristo Rey to new skills that can help them provide for themselves and their children. The creative women of Cristo Rey were excited to learn how to weave, sew, and make jewelry. Our team also made sure that every woman had access to reading glasses so that they could focus on their new skills, but most importantly so that they could read God’s Word. It is no exaggeration to say that our team fell in love with the women and children in the village. A team of 14 returned in February of 2020 to continue this partnership.

Pastor Victor has assembled quite a loving support system for his little church. We are happy to report that the church is growing and the Gospel is spreading. Along with that growth, God has opened some new opportunities that Kingsland would like to help Pastor Victor meet. Pastor Victor’s precious daughter, Tati, is working with the Guatemalan government in an effort to provide a free education for the women, men, and children of Cristo Rey. Kingsland’s opportunity to help lies within the school itself and helping provide for the individuals that attend.

The coordinated goals of Iglesia Nazarete Oriente and Kingsland are simple. First, we aim to share the love of God, first and foremost. Second, we wish to provide education for the various levels the students are coming to the school with, in order to give them the education they crave. Lastly, we want to make sure they have an opportunity to develop and perfect a skill that they can use to financially support their family.

The school will provide three main levels of schooling, much like we have here in the States. Each level will focus on basics such as Language Arts, Math, Sciences – both natural and social, building upon them as they move into the next level. The levels are elementary, middle school, and high school; each level can be completed in two years.

The adults attend classes three days a week - Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday morning before church.

Kingsland is offering an opportunity for anyone willing to serve the beautiful people in Cristo Rey that have a desire to start or continue their education. Our sponsorship program can be a monthly, six-month or a one-year commitment. Our desire is that each sponsor would commit to praying for their new friend, to encourage them through letters, and to offer $35 per month to the school through Kingsland. One-time donations will also be accepted and greatly appreciated.

The school has close to 50 adults and over 40 children enrolled. We have sponsors for less than 1/4 of them.

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a student; you will be blessed. If you feel the Holy Spirit leading you to sponsor a student, please contact Heidi Doe,  Nancy Butschek or the missions office.