The definition of Awakening means to suddenly become aware of something. Specifically, the word Awaken has its origins in Old English, meaning to "arise, spring into being". Our Community Group adopted Awakening to describe who are. We are a community group, where we want to come together as one body, to study the Word of God. Many of us have kids who are at the tail end of their high school years and some with both college-age and married children. Our goal in studying God's Word is to ask those hard questions many of us think but do not have the courage to ask. Does prayer really work? Does our Heavenly Father Hear our prayers when he already knows the outcome? Our group is where one can be real and peel the onion to get to the heart of the matter; the heart of those hard questions. There is no judgment. We do not have all the answers. You may leave with more questions than you came with. The hope, however, is you are not afraid to grow and seek wisdom in both scripture, as well as in the life experiences of those who gather together as one being; many minds, one body, seeking the will of Christ; Awakening with a new perspective on what being a follower of Christ is all about. Our director is Rita Ramirez, with teacher: Elias Reyes. We meet every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm in Cinco Ranch. For more information, please contact Rita Ramirez at

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