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Hello! My name is Mia. Welcome to the Friends Community SCHOOL. I love being with my friends as we learn and play together. Ms. Alex just gave us a fun group activity to find items in the classroom and practice our colors.


Ms. Alex asked us to find the items below somewhere in the classroom and tell her the color of each item. Can you help us find these items and tell their color?

Touch the item when you’ve found it and said the color!





Thanks for helping me and my friends finish our group assignment. It’s so fun using teamwork to get things done!

Discussion Questions

If you had to make everything in your room one color, what would color would you pick?

Would you rather have to paint a picture using only your toes or only your nose?

If you could only eat food that is one color, what color would you choose?

If you could choose one person to draw you a picture, who would you choose and why?

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Thanks again for stopping by the Friends Community playground. We hope you’ll stay awhile and come back to visit soon!

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