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Hello! My name is Lucy. Thanks for stopping by my HOME here in Friends Community. You can see that I have invited my friends over to share a meal together. We always have so much fun connecting over a meal, but I need your help!


Our friends need a few items to have everything ready for today’s meal. Can you help them by finding these items around the house?

Touch the item when you think you’ve found it!



Bread Basket

Tea Pot

Thanks for helping me and my friends have a great meal together! Now that you’re such a good helper, maybe you can do the same thing at your house by inviting family or neighbors to share a meal!

Discussion Questions

If you could pick 3 people to have over for dinner, who would you choose?

Would you rather have to eat dinner blindfolded or without using your hands?

If you had to choose just one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

As you sit around the dinner table, would you rather tell stories or tell jokes?

Free Resources

Changing the world from your kitchen table...

Parents, the dinner table provides a great opportunity to have meaningful and intentional connection with the ones you love. What would it look like for your family to prioritize having 5 meaningful meals each week–free from distraction and full of purposeful conversation?

Below are some free resources to equip you in this journey.

Empowered homes Resources

Empowered Homes exists to provide practical resources and strategies to help empower your home to be all that it was designed to be.

Find out more...

Over 1,000 free resources are available in the categories of marriage, parenting, and personal growth. Check out the full website or view a sampling of featured resources below!

Thanks again for stopping by the Friends Community playground. We hope you’ll stay awhile and come back to visit soon!

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