Friends Community - SHOP

Hello! My name is Jane. Thanks for stopping by my ice cream and coffee SHOP here in Friends Community. I love getting to see all the smiling faces of families enjoying the fun activity of getting a treat!


You’re up next! Now you can follow the steps below to place your order for a sweet treat.

Touch each step for instructions!

Step 1: Choose ice cream for you

Step 2: Choose coffee for your parent

Step 3: Pick up your ice cream

Step 4: Push green button to brew coffee

Thanks for stopping by my shop! I hope you’ll come back to visit soon. What’s the next fun activity you’re off to today?

Discussion Questions

What is your favorite fun activity to do with your family?

Would you rather get to have a treat or get to play on a playground?

Of the people you know, who do you think could eat the most ice cream?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Free Resources

Building strong families with fun activities...

Parents, each day presents opportunities to create meaningful moments with the ones we love.

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Empowered Homes exists to provide practical resources and strategies to help empower your home to be all that it was designed to be.

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Over 1,000 free resources are available in the categories of marriage, parenting, and personal growth. Check out the full website or view a sampling of featured resources below!

Thanks again for stopping by the Friends Community playground. We hope you’ll stay awhile and come back to visit soon!

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