Joining the Kingsland Family

We are so excited that you are interested in joining the community of believers called Kingsland Baptist Church. Joining a local church is such an important step in following Christ. God made us to live in community with one another, doing life together! At Kingsland, we look forward to welcoming you into the family where God uses each of us to accomplish His Mission for this body of Christ-followers. Every person who joins Kingsland must meet three important criteria:

1. A follower of Jesus Christ

We believe that the church is not a building but a body of committed followers of Jesus Christ doing life together. The first and most important step in any person's life is receiving Jesus Christ as personal Lord, Savior, and Shepherd. For more information on how to make this decision, contact Brad Flurry at 281.492.0785.

2. Baptized by Immersion as a Believer

Baptism does not contribute to a person's salvation but it is very important because Jesus commanded us to do it. Jesus himself was baptized, giving us an example, and then commanded that we follow after we become believers. Baptism is highly symbolic of a new believer leaving his or her former life in sin and embracing new life found in Jesus Christ. All baptism in Scripture occurs after a person begins following Jesus Christ. Scripture also clearly indicates immersion (or being placed fully under water) as the only type of baptism practiced by the early church. For more information, click here.

3. Attending a Next Step Class

At Kingsland, we recognize that those seeking to join walked various life paths leading them to this point. Because many new members come from different faith backgrounds or little to no faith background, we have created the class, Next Step, for Membership at Kingsland. At Next Step, we will spend about 2 hours covering who Kingsland is, our Mission as a family of Christ-followers and the basics of what we believe. One of our pastors leads the classes, and we know you will enjoy learning about Kingsland as we learn about you. See the Next Step, Membership at Kingsland section below for more information on this class.

Communicating Your Membership Decision

Once you have made the decision to join Kingsland you may request membership in one of several ways:

1. Respond to Sunday morning Invitation – Walk to the front of the Worship Center during the invitation hymn near the end of each service. You will indicate to the pastor that you desire to join Kingsland. After praying with the pastor you will be introduced to a counselor who will take you to the counseling area to further discuss your decision.

2. Conference with a Staff Member – If you would like, you may schedule a conference with a staff member to talk about this decision by contacting the church office.

3. Next Step, Membership at Kingsland – This is a class for guests seeking more information about who Kingsland Baptist Church is and how to join; as well as, for those who have already started this process. The class is a common entry point for all guests no matter their background and is essential for membership. Membership at Kingsland is completed at the Next Step class. After completing this class (and following through on your baptism if applicable), your membership status will be complete.

Next Step Class – Membership at Kingsland

Classes are held on Sunday from 9:30 am to Noon. Your children (birth-students) will be taken care of through our normal Sunday classes.

Register for Next Step Class

You were designed by God to live in community with God’s people — the local church family. And that’s exactly what Kingsland Baptist Church is intended to be — your spiritual family. A healthy family has common beliefs, purpose and commitments.

That’s why we want to share with you what we believe and where we’re going as a Christ-focused family of faith. Our Next Step class is required for all adults looking to take that next step in church membership.

For more information on the Next Step classes, please e-mail