Kingsland Budget

2023 – 2024

Budget Brochure

The numbers on these pages are not only the result of the hard work, prayers, and wisdom of your Finance Ministry Team and staff; they are also a picture of the plans God has put on our hearts to help us see 1 million 7 homes transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Click the brochure to browse or the button below to download.

Key Dates
  • Sunday, 2/19 – Budget Q&A (12:30 PM in the Chapel)
  • Wednesday, 2/22 – Budget Q&A (6:00 PM in the Worship Suite)
  • Sunday, 3/19 – Budget Vote (in all worship services)
  • Saturday, 4/1 – New budget year begins
2023 - 2024

Proposed Operating Budget by category