Have you ever heard responses like these to multigenerational worship? We want to focus our entire message for where people are in life, or That’s not where our people are, or It’s not what our people want, or my favorite, It’s just not relevant anymore. Yes, I know this concept of MultiGen worship is not new, and it’s definitely not new for me either. I’ve grown up singing and leading with all generations for as long as I can remember. I’ve also led a well-oiled machine of age-segregated programming that focused on excellence at every level.

    However, to be completely honest with you, for the past ten years, the Lord has really been doing a continuing work in my heart concerning multiple generations leading worship and having all generations worshipping together. So, let me start by saying this, I do not have everything figured out with this concept but am proud to be a part of Kingsland Baptist Church where we are digging to a deeper level of what MultiGen worship can look like in the church. Therefore, I’d love to simply let you in on a journey that the Lord has taken me on considering this model, and I invite you to dig into it with me for a few minutes.


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