Welcome to Alpha

Alpha is a 12 weeks course designed for anyone who would like to explore God, Life, Meaning and Christian faith. Each Alpha video talk looks at a different question around Christian faith and it's done in a relaxed, non-threatenning, and friendly setting. In Alpha small groups discussion, everyone is encouraged to ask questions and express opinions. Ask anything!! Alpha is a place where no question is too naive or too hostile. This is your chance to listen, learn, discuss and discover!

Is Alpha for you? YES! If you are interested in investigating Christian Faith TRY Alpha. If you are a New Christian TRY Alpha. If you are a Newcomer to Kingsland Baptist Church TRY Alpha. If you are looking for a short-term small group experience TRY Alpha. If you are looking for friends TRY Alpha. If you are wondering if God even exists TRY Alpha. If you are a Chrisitan who wants to brush up your faith foundation TRY Alpha.If you are a church leader TRY Alpha.  Alpha is for EVERYONE!  

Try Alpha:

Contacts: Luke Chong at lchong@kingsland.org (281-675-7813) or Sarah Chong at schong@kingsland.org (281-675-7870).