Dennis came out of retirement January 1, 2019 to serve as our First Generation Pastor. He and Nancy have been members of Kingsland for 4 years. He has been a pastor since June 1982, serving in various roles: senior pastor, administrative pastor, church planter, and partnership missions. Dennis is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a B.S.ed in early childhood education and Luther Rice University with a MDiv.

Dennis leads those of grandparent age, First Generation, to live and leave a Jesus legacy to their children and grandchildren. Research has found that grandparents who model their faith see higher faith maturity in their grandchildren. As we purposefully live out our faith, share our faith stories, and have honest conversations, we model our faith in significant ways to our children and grandchildren, both familial and non-familial.

Dennis and Nancy have enjoyed holding one another since May 23, 1980. They love making memories with their 3 children & spouses, 6 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Family is a priority as they leave their Jesus legacy.

Dennis loves: children playing, hearing your story, quiet mornings with Jesus, worship and a good sermon, holding hands with his girlfriend, porch sitting in the evening with family, the smell and sound of rain, God’s creation, a good lightning display, the sound of thunder, the smell of bacon and his smoker, other cultures, fishing, hiking, food, cooking, playing, laughing, reading. These are a few of the things he loves, and most of all - Jesus who set him free!