WAM (Worship Arts Ministry)

Our Worship Arts Ministry for Kids exists to guide children to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and become lifelong worshipers of God through music, arts, and media. We do this by equipping kids to offer whatever talents, gifts and skills they possess back to God as an act of worship.

Spring Musical: "The Not So Terrible Parable"

Dance Audition Results

Duet: Payton Heston, Shayan Gholizadeh

Boys Group: Shayan Gholizadeh, Zachary Allen, Boaz Rai

"Every Day" : Soleil Sehon, Hailee Greene, Jessa Smith, Heidi Greene, Haley Borchers, Sophia Derolus, Finnley Sehon, Rebecca Watson, Molly Stone, Tendayi Nenjerama

"Whodunit": Angel Subba, Rachel Jones, Meagan Toups, Bella Blake, Hannah Jones, Timberlyn Bates, Katelynn Schaumleffel, Naomi Hurtado, Gracie Oliver, Abigail Balcer, Zoe Alewine

Drama and Solo Audition Results

Drama Cast:                                                                           

Alistair McAlistair- Drew Flurry                                                

Guy Random - Charlie Dufilho                                                

Grace - Eleanor Rucksdashel                                                

Ricki Blaine - Abby Schooler                                                   

Jenny Barrister - Emmy Finnegan                                           

Belinda Binder - Emily Kastor                                                  

Yvette - Katie Monroe                                                               

Jeeves - Jack Mullins

Samantha - ZuZu Perry

Megan White - Emerson Couch

Scarlett Jewels - Jordan Lucas

Bellhop - Sofiah Iller

Cook - Isabella Calderon

Guy #2 - Gavin Stewart

Binder #2 - Isabella Sauls

Barrister #2 - Carlie Thompson

Reader #1 - Emily Melhem

Reader #2 - Addison Civalero

Reader #3 - Emma O'Brien

Music Cast:

Solo #1 - Caris Thompson

Solo #2 - Kate Bowling

Solo #3 - Eleanor Hargrove

Solo #4 - Maggie Finnegan

Chant Group #1 - Brynlee English, Olivia Crane, Paiton Pruett, Megan Kastor, Olivia Salas

Chant Group #2: Layla Geraci, Georgia Hearn, Bethany Jones, MaKenna O'Brien, Avery Limmer, Eli Vasquez

Chant Group #3: Mia Lauer, Mariah Jennings, Walker McEachern, Emily Toups, Chloe Jeter, Danielle Murray

Please be on the lookout for an email with specific instructions.


Register for WAM.*

*If you registered your child for WAM in the fall, you do not have to re-register them for the spring.
Spring WAM runs from Wednesday, January 18, 2017 through Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

This spring, big kid WAM will work towards the musical performance, "A Not so Terrible Parable", which is a clever whodunit that looks at the parable of the Good Samaritan. Children are divided by grade in the spring. They will work individually, as a grade, in their classrooms, and also as part of the choir. Don't miss out on this exciting and fun semester!

To find out more about preschool WAM, visit the Preschool page under Kingsland Kids.



What time does WAM begin?

WAM starts precisely at  6 PM and ends at 7 PM on Wednesday nights

Who can be in WAM?

Preschool WAM includes 3 year old (3 by Sept. 1, 2016) - Kindergarten
WAM includes 1st – 5th grade children

Where do I take my children for WAM?

If your child is 3rd Grade or under they will first need to go through the security check in to receive a tag.
Once that is done:

Preschool WAM (3’s, 4’s and Kindergarten) will be in the C hallway in the Crawford building, rooms C130, C131, C133, C134, C137, or C139.
1st – 5th Grade WAM will go meet in the Legacy Building - stop at the WAM info table outside of L154/156.

Where will my child go after WAM?

As per Kingsland's Children's Ministry security policy, we cannot release any child from 5th grade or younger, without a parent, responsible adult or older teen.
At 7 PM we will escort all children who are not picked up to missions hour.
1st - 5th Grade Boys to Boys of Iron
1st - 5th Grade Girls to God's Girls
4 years old (by 09/01/16) - Kindergarten to TeamKid
3 years old will have childcare come into their WAM room