The Bridge-User Guide



How to get started in The Bridge:

1. At the bottom of any page on our website in the lower right corner you will see an orange button with the words “The Bridge”. Click on the button.

2. This will take you to a page where you can log into The Bridge. If you do not have a login password, look below the box for “Sign Up”. If we have your correct email address in the church database, you will quickly receive a temporary password for The Bridge.
  • If we do not have your correct email address, an email will be sent to the System Admin with the correct email address you provided in the sign up box. (IMPORTANT-we will not be able to create a Bridge profile for you if our database records do not have you in the system.)
  •  If you forgot your User Name or Password, Click on the “Forgot user name & password”. An email will be sent with the username and password reset link for every profile registered with that email address.
This video will give you a general overview of Church Community Builder and is great for everyone to watch.

Here’s how to edit your profile:
1. Once you logged in, go to “Go to My Profile” top right corner under Welcome & your name.

2. Under Actions, top right corner, select “Edit My Profile”. You will be able to add a profile picture, update your phone numbers, home address, and add social media links. (Be sure to select “Edit Family Profile” if your update affects the whole family, like address)  Click Here to view a video or read instructions.

FAQ about the Bridge:

1. Is The Bridge secure?
Yes, Only Kingsland Baptist Church members, attenders, staff with username and password are able to access The Bridge.

2. Who can see my children’s profile?
Children 11 years of age and younger are only visible to church staff and preschool/children’s volunteers who have had a background check.

3. Can I keep my contact information confidential?
Yes, you can control who sees your profile in your “Privacy Settings”. You can access your settings by going to “settings” on top right corner, than select “Privacy Setting”. (Please never delete any information in your profile)

4. What makes a good photo for The Bridge?
Head shots work best for a profile picture. Think of your driver’s license photo or school ID. (Remember the purpose is so your church can identify/recognize you)

5. Who do I contact with questions about The Bridge?
If you have any questions or problems using The Bridge send an email to our System Administrator here.

You can access The Bridge through the Kingsland's moble app. (Mobile Overview)