The Bible says, "In you the fatherless find compassion." Tapestry is Kingsland's response to this call. We desire to be the hands and feet of Christ that will bring family to the orphan...one home at a time.


Our mission is to provide support, resources, and encouragement to those seeking to adopt, foster, or minister to orphans in America and abroad. Our mission is to provide support, resources, and encouragement to those seeking to adopt, foster, or minister to orphans in America and abroad.

Over the past 9 years, Kingsland’s Tapestry Adoption & Foster Care Ministry has assisted more than 60 families touched by Adoption. A total of 75 children have been placed in the homes of Kingsland families. And, we have financially assisted 27  families in the Katy area. We have children at Kingsland who have been adopted from Ethiopia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, China, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia and the USA.


Tapestry Women's Night

Tapestry Women's Night Out (Adoption & Foster Care) October 5 at 7 PM at La Madeleine. We know that women who are in the process of adoption, no matter where they are along the journey, desire to be connected with other women. This is a great place to meet other adoptive moms, get many of your questions answered by women who have walked that road before you and to just be encouraged. You do not need to be a member of Kingsland to attend. Invite other adoptive moms to join us for dessert and coffee. For more information, contact Robin Espey 281.492.0785.


How to Help Tapestry Families

We have a lot of foster families involved with our Tapestry Adoption Ministry and there is a huge need for people who are able to watch our foster children every now and then during the day. Currently, CPS allows people 18 years and older to go through a series of steps to become babysitters (background check, fingerprinting, CPR class, online quiz, and minimal paperwork.) and Kingsland's adoption fund would cover the cost of certification. If we could build a network of certified babysitters for our foster families, it would help foster parents attend court hearings, go to doctor's appointments, have date nights, get a break in general, etc. By supporting foster families in this is a way, you are engaging in orphan care ministry and being a blessing to foster parents. For more information, please contact Amber Robinson at amber.d.robinson@gmail.com or 281.782.9605.



Looking for a Book to Read?

Kingsland has a mobile library full of books to help families along their journey to adoption/fostering. If you would like to check out a book, please contact Robin Espey at the Church Office 281.492.0785 to set and appointment to pick up the books. We have books like When God Writes Your Love Story, The Connected Child, Successful Adoption, Telling the Truth to your Adoption or Foster Child, Anatomy of the Soul, we also have the full library of Karvin Pruvis DVD videos. There are children books like God Found us You, Star of the Week and We Wished for You just to name a few.

Adoption Assistance Fund

Kingsland's Tapestry Adoption Ministry has formed a strategic partnership with LifeSong, a non-profit orphan care ministry, to administer the funds of Kingsland's adoption fund. LifeSong has distributed over $85,000 in direct or matching grants to families adopting and have $9,000 committed to families waiting. We are hoping to bless other families on their journey, so Kingsland has just opened the application process to the surrounding 9 counties and includes post-adoption counseling. For more information about the LifeSong application process please contact Phillip Irvin, at pdi4@yahoo.com. 

Ukraine Orphan Initiative

In 2015 KBC Tapestry furthered their partnership with Lifesong by participating in their adoption initiative with Christian Churches in the Ukraine which has produced 174 adoptions in the last 4 years. In our first year, we have participated in several adoptions and have funded 2 full-time staff positions in the Ukraine.

Additionally, we have established a fund with Lifesong that can support about 20 new adoptions. In May, two Tapestry members attended a mission trip to the Ukraine for the Orphan Summit.

They were able to stay at the base camp of operations in Kharkov and spent time with the Lifesong and Ukraine Leadership teams, as well as, the Ukranian Sr. Pastors that oversee the programs. They were able to visit an orphanage, transition homes and participated in a camp and the Orphan Summit where more than 100 families were present that were engaged in various stages of adoption and orphan care. They were also able to meet adoptive children and families and experienced changed lives through this exciting ministry.



For a more updated list of events going on in Tapestry, check out our facebook page: Kingsland's Adoption Tapestry Ministry.

Need More Information?

There are no dumb questions when it comes to adoption and foster care. The answers to adoption and foster care related questions are often not obvious and finding reliable information can sometimes be quite difficult.

We would love to talk with you further about any questions that you have. So whether you want to know more about Tapestry or simply have questions about adoption or foster care, please do not hesitate to contact Amy Granger or Robin Espey at 281.492.0785.