Students Sunday Morning

KSM Sunday mornings

Our schedule for Junior High (JH) and High School (HS) students allows them to worship together with their families while also attending a class geared just for them.  Students can choose between Ignite for JH and Fuel for HS or The Gathering which will allow them to attend Worship with their family the opposite hour.  Worshiping together creates a common experience to build upon as a family.

9:30 a.m.
Ignite (Junior High)

6TH - L268/270

7TH - Garage

8TH - Garage


The Gathering HS - L260/262

9TH - 12TH Grades

11:00 a.m.
Fuel (High School)

9TH - Loft

10TH - Loft

11TH - Loft

12TH - Loft

The Gathering JH - Garage

6TH - 8TH  Grades


JH IGNITE & HS FUEL will have a big group teaching followed by Core Groups, which are small discussion groups to dive deeper into God's Word.  Students meet by grade in designated rooms.

THE GATHERING is a large group, mixed grade format with creative Bible studies and a variety of teaching styles.