Rising airline baggage fees have encouraged many to pack lightly for their trips and stick with what will easily fit in a carry-on. Christians live in light of eternity. We know we are sojourners on this earth and headed toward our eternal home. We will move on from this place and never look back. This truth has ramifications for how we live right here and right now.


Material Things Don’t Last - Matthew 6:19–21

Jesus warns us to not “lay up” treasures on earth, meaning to amass or reserve them for later use. How can we prioritize investing in things that will last for eternity?


You Cannot Serve Two Masters - Matthew 6:24

No one would set out to intentionally become a servant to their money, but we learn from scripture that if we are not careful, this can be an area that competes with our allegiance to God. The good news in this verse is that when our focus is on pursuing God, money cannot be our master.


Live in Light of Eternity - 1 Peter 4:7–11

When our hearts and minds are set on the eternal future in store for us as followers of Christ, it has an amazing way of bringing clarity to our priorities and refining our legacy.