How often have you gone to the store for one item and returned much later with way more than you needed? Sometimes our lives can be that way too—we can set out with a laser focus on our mission and then if we’re not careful, get sidetracked with many other good activities. Jesus’s final charge given in the Great Commission points to our mission on earth. We can have big goals in life. We can do many great things. But if the goals and the great acts are not intricately tied to our God-given mission, we are not maximizing our legacy.


Our Great Commission - Matthew 28:19–20

The incredible gift of a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe is a gift worth sharing! In Jesus’s final instructions to his disciples, He emphasizes the importance of being intentional about making disciples.


Give the Gospel as you Go - Matthew 28:19

A strict translation of the original language shows the Greek word for “go” is translated “going” or “as you go.” The implication is that the process of making disciples, including the initial sharing of the gospel with them, happens “as you go.”


Be Curiously Generous - 1 Peter 3:15

The conduct of Christians should evoke an insatiable curiosity among outsiders. The unusually generous and sacrificial acts of kindness by believers ought to lead others to ask, “Who are these people and what inspired them to do this?”