Ministry Teams

Here in the KSM, we see in Scripture the evidence to believe that each student has been given passions, creativity, talents, and spiritual gifts that can and should be used to further God’s kingdom. We desire to and deem it our responsibility to make available to you various opportunities to unearth, grow, and flourish in these giftings. Our prayer in doing so is to allow you to be challenged to own and lead out in the area of service you commit to, in the church, and in the city of Katy.   

The following teams are either currently available or will be available in the future:  

Tech & Media- The Tech and Media Team assists with lighting, computer, and technical support during various KSM events and gatherings. Would you consider yourself a techie? Are you good with electronics? Are you wanting to learn? Then this is the team for you! Contact: Sean Cunningham -

Band/Vocal- The KSM Band lead worship at various KSM events and gatherings. Can you carry a tune? Do you play guitar, drums, bass, violin, cello, the cowbell?  Then serve the Lord with your gift and talent!   Contact: Rick Sumrall -

Children’s Helpers- These students volunteer on Sunday mornings to help in the preschool and children’s department. The Children’s Ministry monitors these positions. Students do not need to fill out a Ministry Team application. Contact:  Leslee McWhirter -

One Voice Choir (HS only)- Josh Stewart leads this small ensemble choir. They perform at various times throughout the year. A tryout is required.  Contact:  Josh Stewart -

Core Group Leaders (11th & 12th grade students only) - These leaders assist junior high groups on Sunday mornings. They will help with opening activities, and help facilitate discussion during small group time. Contact: Chris Kincaid -

Lifegroup Leader (12th grade students only) - The seniors are given an opportunity to lead a junior high LifeGroup on Sunday nights. They must fill out the Kingsland Leadership Application.   Contact:  Lindsay Crisanti -

Katalyst Student Leader - High School - Joe Landi -

All students interested in Ministry Teams will need to complete an application, and some Ministry Teams will require try-outs.  Any additional questions, contact Lindsay Crisanti -