KBC201892日開始中文團契。每星期天早上有中文敬拜讚美和士林靈糧堂中文講道信息。當天早上有説中文的招待員在教堂資訊聯繫中心協助您。如果你正在尋找教會而且今天是你第一次接觸到我們網站,我們熱烈歡迎你参訪, 希望你藉著這網站更多認識我們及我們中文團契其它活動和課程。教會是神賜給我們的大家庭, 在主里我們彼此建造,鼓勵,專心去認識神。盼望很快能與您見面。更多詳細可聯絡 Luke & Sarah 713-503-2193, chineseministry@kingsland.org.


時間: 10:45 開始交流並按放小孩在兒童部參加兒童主日學; 11:00點準時開始敬拜讚美。
房間: 樓上L256/258
兒童主日學 (只需報名一次按排班級)。前往了解報名



**我們鼓勵大家不僅参加主日中文敬拜團契、也参加 9:30am大堂英文講道和敬拜。





前往了解教會異象  (Church Vision & Mission)


前往了解教會 (NEXT STEP)


前往了解受洗  (Baptism)


前往了解事工職員  (Chinese Ministry Staff)






KBC is launching the Chinese Ministry on  September 2nd 2018! We will have a Chinese Community Group on Sunday morning with Chinese worship and SLLLC Chinese sermon. There will be greeters at the Church Connection Center to assist you. If today is your first time visiting our website, we warmly welcome you to explore our site to learn more about other Chinese Speaking classes we offered. We believe that church is not a building but a body of Christ of committed followers of Jesus Christ doing life together with the love of Christ. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Time: 10:45am social time. Worship starts at 11am.

Room: L256/258

Children Sunday School Info and registration.

** We encourage all of you to not only attend the Sunday Chinese Community group but also attend the 9:30 English Worship Service 


KBC has several Chinese speaking programs available for the Chinese Community
    • ESL class on Wednesday morning 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. There will be $20 registration fee payable to KBC, the fee includes all teaching materials. Room: C258. Fall session begins August 29th. Click for Info.
    • Alpha class in Chinese on Wednesday night from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm during regular school term and there will be children program available during those hours. Room: C258. Fall session begins Sept. 5th. Click for Info.
    • Chinese Bible Study. The book of John. Tuesday morning 9-11 am. Leader: Luke & Sarah. Room: A Conference. October 02 - December 11th, 2018. 


    • Weekly prayer for America (Global 247 Prayer Wall sign up)
    • Weekly Prayer for Israel
    • Global 40 Days Prayer and Fast 8/1/2018-9/9/2018 (you may still refer to the prayer list of this past event)

*** For more information please contact Luke or Sarah at chineseministry@kingsland.org