KBC201892日開始中文團契。每星期天早上有中文敬拜讚美和士林靈糧堂中文信息分享。教會是神賜給我們的大家庭, 在主里我們彼此建造,鼓勵,專心去認識神。 


時間: 10:45 開始交流並按放小孩在兒童部參加兒童主日學; 11:00點準時開始敬拜讚美。
房間: 樓上L256/258
兒童主日學 (只需報名一次按排班級)。前往了解報名


**我們鼓勵大家不僅参加主日中文敬拜團契、也参加 9:30am大堂英文講道和敬拜。




  • 周三早上 (9:30-12:30): 初級英語班。1月16日。前往了解 (Info) 
  • 周三晚上 (6:00-8:00): 啟發探索班。1月16日。前往了解 (Info) 
  • 上 (9:00-11:00): 約翰福音中英雙語查經。1月22日。房間: A Conference: Luke & Sarah  

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KBC launched the Chinese Ministry on  September 2nd 2018! We have a Chinese Community Group on Sunday morning with Chinese worship and SLLLC Chinese sermon.We believe that church is not a building but a body of Christ of committed followers of Jesus Christ doing life together with the love of Christ. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Time: 10:45am social time. Worship starts at 11am.

Room: L256/258

Children Sunday School Info and registration.

** We encourage all of you to not only attend the Sunday Chinese Community group but also attend the 9:30 English Worship Service 


KBC has several Chinese speaking programs available for the Chinese Community
    • ESL class on Wednesday morning 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. There will be $20 registration fee payable to KBC, the fee includes all teaching materials. Room: C258. Spring session begins January 16, 2019. Click for Info.
    • Alpha class in Chinese on Wednesday night from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm during regular school term and there will be children program available during those hours. Room: C258. Spring session begins January 16, 2019. Click for Info.
    • Chinese Faith Talks & Bible Study. The book of John. Tuesday morning 9-11 am. Leader: Luke & Sarah. Room: A Conference. January 22 - May 7th, 2019. 

      *** For more information please contact Luke or Sarah at chineseministry@kingsland.org