Marriage Mentors

Kingsland’s Marriage Ministry is committed to helping couples build strong marriages that reflect the image of Christ.  As part of this commitment, we partnered with Strong Marriages and have a team of trained marriage mentors to help build healthy marriages that are Christ-centered.  

Our Marriage Mentors are couples with a desire to share their experiences, encourage and guide other couples.  Marriage Mentors are trained to:  

1. Help engaged couples prepare for marriage using “I Promise” book
2. Mentor couples who desire to grow closer to God and to one another in their marriage 
3. Mentor couples who are struggling in their marriage and need God’s grace, wisdom, and direction to heal  

What is the purpose of Marriage Mentoring?

One of our core values at Kingsland is Collective Legacy. We recognize the value one generation has to another generation. Marriage Mentors are couples with a passion to impact younger couples with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mentors help lead other couples to rely on Jesus to prepare and grow marriages that reflect God’s image. 

What do Marriage Mentors do?

Marriage Mentors are trained to listen, encourage and help couples grow a strong marriage that reflects the image of God. This takes place in the context of an authentic relationship between a mentoring couple and a mentee couple. Mentoring couples have experienced God’s grace in their marriage and want to be a blessing to other couples. Marriage Mentors are not professional counselors but are trained through Strong Marriages to serve as marriage mentors.

Marriage Mentors - Mentee Application

For more information about our Marriage Mentoring Ministry, please contact Doug Valot at or call 281.675.7862.