International Missions

2016 International Missions Initiatives

Please check our website for trip dates and information. We are still working with some of our partners to finalize dates and will post these as soon as they are confirmed. If you are interested in learning more about any of these trips, please contact the Go Beyond Missions Office. Dates for these trips are posted on our Missions Initiatives page.

The Amazon River | There are thousands of villages along the Amazon River that have limited access to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our missions ministry is engaged in reaching out to the Mundurucu people through evangelism, discipleship training, medical and dental and optical clinics, and children's ministry. Members of this team must be capable of sharing their faith, teaching, and assisting with the medical components of our trips. Members must also be in good physical condition as this trip requires getting in and out of boats and walking up steep and sometimes muddy embankments in order to reach villages.

Bangladesh | Bengali Muslims are the largest unreached people group in the world. Today, God is at work in this restricted country as evidenced by the increasing numbers of Muslims who are coming to faith in Christ. Our missions ministry has adopted the islands in the Bay of Bengal and is working with our national partners to reach the people who live on these remote islands. Members of this team must be capable of teaching, sharing their faith, and sharing chronological Bible stories with oral learners.

Cambodia | Cambodia is a nation steeped in a bloody history of death and destruction. Our missions ministry is working with our partner Steve Hyde to sow the seeds of life in Cambodia’s former killing fields. Our trips include conducting a Vacation Bible School, working with national leaders, teaching on the sanctity of human life, and working to prevent the abduction of children by human traffickers. Members of this team must be capable of teaching, sharing their faith, and assisting with music and sports activities.

Democratic Republic of the Congo
| In 2015 we ventured into the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo with the Safwa, our partners from Tanzania. We are continuing our outreach to the Tabwaa people who live on both the Tanzania and DRC sides of Lake Tanganyika. This is an extremrly rugged trip into an area that many still regard as dangerous. Members must learn a series of chronological Bible stories and be prepared to spend long days in the field. Our teams camp out and hike to ministry locations.

Egypt | In 2013 we sent aid to assist churches burned in the month of August 2013, one of the most turbulent months in recent history in Egypt. In 2013 we also funded a school for children of the Zabbaleen, Cairo's garbage people. In 2014 we sent our first teams to work with the Zabbaleen. Those interested in traveling to Egypt must be capable of sharing their faith, working with children, assisting with vocational training initiatives, and working in the heat.

Ethiopia | We will work with 2000+ unaccompanied Eritrean minors in a displacement camp in northern Ethiopia.

El Salvador | Our missions ministry is working with our friends at Living Water International to drill water wells for the poor who live in remote villages. To date we have provided water wells in seven villages and are scheduled to drill two more water wells annually in El Salvador for the next four years. Our team size is limited to eight drillers and four teachers to instruct villagers about hygiene and well maintenance. Members of this team must be capable of teaching, sharing their faith, and willing to get absolutely filthy in order to provide clean water for a village.

India | Our missions ministry has several key initiatives on the subcontinent, including: Bethany Home (the home we built for the children of persecuted believes in Orissa), an aftercare home for 150 girls rescued from brothels throughout West Bengal, a slum school in Kolkata, work at Mother Teresa’s homes, and work with several justice partners. Our women’s justice ministry team serves in Kolkata and New Delhi. We will have other initiatives to Bethany Home and Kolkata. Members of these teams must be capable of sharing their faith and demonstrating compassionate interaction with the oppressed and the least of these.

Jordan | We have a partnership with the Global Hope Network, Campus Crusade’s humanitarian arm, in Jordan. We will work with Syrian refugees who have fled to Jordan to escape the violence and killing that has dominated the news coming out of Jordan. Members of this team must be capable of sharing their faith and demonstrating compassionate care to refugees who have suffered devastating losses.

The Moskito Coast | One newest international initiative is to the Moskito Indians of La Moskitia, the swath of jungle that spans the coast of Honduras and Nicaragua. We have formed a partnership with a local ministry that educates Moskito children and also reaches into the more remote areas of the jungle. Members must be capable of sharing their faith, assisting with initiatives requiring manual labor, and teaching. Members must be in good physical condition, especially those who venture to the farther reaches of La Moskitia.

Tanzania | Our missions ministry has an on-going partnership with the Safwa people to do cross-cultural evangelism and church planting in the African bush. This is a tough trip and is not for the faint of heart. Our team size is limited to 12 people. Members of this team must be capable of sharing their faith, learning a series of chronological Bible stories, and willing to sleep in tents and forgo bathing and other luxuries.

West Africa | Our missions ministry has formed a new partnership with a Muslim nation (undisclosed due to security reasons) in West Africa. We have adopted a neighborhood that is home to more than 70,000 Muslims and are engaging them in street and house to house evangelism. We are finalizing dates for 2014 trips to West Africa. Team size is limited to six people who are capable of sharing their faith and willing to learn how to engage with Muslims for the sake of the gospel.

Our Go Beyond Missions Ministry mobilizes women to work alongside our partners engaged in the justice arena in India.

KOLKATA | Our team serves on the front-lines of the battle against human trafficking in Kolkata. We serve at aftercare homes for young girls that have been rescued from brothels in West Bengal. We also offer a retreat for the women who minister to the girls in aftercare. These compassionate women must deal with a range of emotions as they care for girls who have suffered unimaginable horrors. Our retreat is designed to give them a measure of relief and to refresh and revive them for the work. Our team also offer a day spa for young girls and women who live in Kolkata’s red light districts and who are engaged in vocational training in the hope of leaving the brothels.

For the past several years, our missions ministry teams to Kolkata have engaged with a pastor named Rudra. Pastor Rudra started a school for the children who live in a slum village of Hindu squatters on the outskirts of the city. We work with very young children who are vulnerable to being trafficked. The extreme poverty in this village creates the perfect environment for children to be sold or lured into sex work or domestic servitude in order to survive. Pastor Rudra’s New Hope school equips these children and their families with the tools to improve their lives. Our team also engages with New Hope’s vocational sewing program for women.

NEW DELHI | Our team works with our partner Vinita Shaw, Director of Disha Foundation. Our missions ministry underwrites Vinita’s radio program on All India Radio that address crimes against women and women’s issues from a biblical worldview. Our team offers a VBS program for the children of sex workers in New Delhi’s red light districts, speaks to school children about sexual purity and respect for women, and leads a conference for Christian women in New Delhi.