Disaster Response

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Disaster Response Assistance‚Äč

‚ÄčAs the water recedes, we continue to hear more accounts of those in our community who have suffered loss.

Visit KatyDisasterResponse.com which has been set aside as a “one-stop” resource to offer information for all those who need help and all who want to be part of the work a number of our community churches are coordinating.

Disaster Relief Support

As the threat of Hurricane Harvey turned to devastating reality, we were overwhelmed with nationwide inquires of how people could help financially. Kingsland’s Disaster Relief Fund was one of our primary responses.

The fund provides relief to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in the greater Katy, TX area by allocating incoming financial aid directly to those that need it. Katy is fortunate to have several established initiatives already in place that serve our community throughout the year and are committed to providing ongoing assistance to those in need of their services. These organizations are uniquely equipped for their areas of service to an unmatched degree. When extraordinary circumstances such as this hurricane arise, they are stretched beyond their capabilities to adequately serve those affected. Our disaster relief fund has allowed us to partner with these perfectly positioned organizations and quickly scale them  — providing the additional resources necessary to keep up with astronomical demand. For example, this past week we have been able to swiftly provide the funding for an additional commercial freezer unit for Katy Christian Ministries thanks to the generous gifts of people like you. This $5,000 investment allows KCM to begin serving the overwhelming needs more effectively right away. This is one example of many that continue to happen in real time during this critical phase of recovery.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the need surrounding us currently, but by directing our funds toward proven initiatives and existing organizations, we equip them to do what they do best at an unusually high capacity. This is how we can have the greatest overall impact in our community.

As we operate with that goal in mind, we are committed to excellent stewardship of these funds, accountability for how they are disbursed, and openness in their use. We are guided by the following principles:

    • Of the upmost importance, we are committed to advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the singular objective of our financial conduct.
    • Our finance committee has implemented guidelines that require the approval of multiple individuals and/or groups before any disbursements are made.
    • Similar to all Kingsland expenditures, appropriate records are maintained and reviewed as required by General Accounting Principles.
    • The key administrative function of this fund will be to meet storm-related needs and support long-term recovery by strategically partnering and supporting established initiatives within Katy.
    • 100% of the funds donated to this fund will be used for relief efforts in our community.


We are beyond grateful for the financial gifts the city of Katy has received, and we take seriously the responsibility of getting 100% of them to those who need it most. Thank you for your partnership!

-Ryan Rush

Click here to financially support Kingsland's disaster relief efforts. 100% of these funds go directly to support those impacted by hurricane Harvey.