Children (1st-5th Grade)

God Cares for Kids!

Sunday Morning Bible Study

9:30 AM

  • Kid's Church for grades 1 & 2
  • Small group Bible Study for grades 3, 4 & 5

11:00 AM

  • Small group Bible Study for grades 1-5

Joining parents to serve children in grades 1-5 Each child needs to know that God loves him, that God is there for her each day and that God has a great plan for his life. During the elementary years, children have a great interest in spiritual things: Who is God? What is heaven like? How does God talk to me? Children's ministry uses this natural God-given interest to lay a spiritual foundation for children. Through various ministry opportunities, caring Christian adults use creative methods to teach the children: 

  • The Bible, its truth & life application
  • Prayer
  • Serving others & missions
  • Worship
  • Understanding & memorizing God's Word
  • Christian fellowship
  • Fun Factor


All kids like to have fun! Children's ministry opportunities are sprinkled heavily with FUN! Games, races, art and silly string wars are FUN ways to learn about God's truth.

Joining parents to keep your children safe!
Because security is one of our top priorities, parents are asked to check in their first through third grade children at any one of our convenient check-in locations. Children will receive a name-tag and parents will receive a security tag. Parents must have the security tag in order to pick up their child(ren). First time guests can register at the Guest Check-in Center to receive their security tags. If your child has allergies, please write what your child is allergic to on one of the bright red "Allergy Alert" stickers found at the Guest Check-in desk.

Children's Staff

Leslee McWhirter
Children's Minister   
(281) 492.0785 ext. 7867

Maggie Bertram
Children's Ministry Associate 
(281) 492.0785 ext. 7837



Deb Manning
Special Needs Coordinator
(281) 492.0785 ext. 7849