開班: 2018年9月5日 

大人註冊已開始! (Adult registration begins!)     





星期三晚上: 6:00 pm - 8:00pm 
房間: C258
主持領導: Luke  

無論身處世界哪個角落、每個人都會有與生俱來對人生意義的礙問和探索信仰的本能; 啟發探索課程就是為此而設的。 專門為一些對信仰感興趣者而提供。 課程為期10到-12週。觀看一段富啟發性的影片、在友好輕鬆的環境下、幫助大家敞開心扉談論人生與信仰。我們秉承“不強迫、沒壓力”的原則、絕不使用任何方式強迫任何人接受基督教信仰 。参者們可以完全充分作自己、提出問題以及分享觀點。 問題有: 耶稣是谁?衪為"什麼"而死? 衪是上帝嗎? 衪以什麼權柄赦罪? 衪對自已的宣稱、衪對世界的引響、 信衪人的生命被改變、等等的問題。在啟發課程里我們有機會聽到一些科學家、醫學家、歷史家、無神論學者們對耶穌做出的結論。 如果您想更認識基督教或探索人生、歡迎您報名参加。值得用我們一生中的幾個小時去尋索人生。



*** 詳情聯繫 Luke 電子郵相 chineseministry@kingsland.org






Class Begins: Sept 5th, 2018 

Wednesday night 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

Room: C258

Leader: Luke.

There will be free of charge Children Programs available during these hours.

Have you ever wonder what's the meaning of life? Do you have questions about faith and belief? If that's you, you have come to the right place. Come try Alpha, a course designed just for you. The course lasts 10 to 12 weeks. Every week, we will watch a short Alpha video and we will have a time of sharing and discussion in a friendly and relaxed environment. There will never be any pressure to force Christian beliefs on anyone. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts. We will explore questions such as: Who is Jesus? What did He die for and why did He die? What power does He have to forgive sins? Who did He claim He is? His influence to the world, testimonies of people's lives changed after encoutering Him, and so on. In Alpha Course we have the opportunities to hear what others conclude who Jesus was/is including the scientists, historians, and atheist scholars. If you want to know more about Christianity or the meaning of life, you are welcome to sign up. It is worth spending a few hours of our life to explore the meaning of life and ours existence.


This course is also suitable for Christians, to help you understand the foundation of the Christian faith.The Alpha Course is a compulsory course for the Chinese Ministry servant team members.


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