Cares Apartment Ministry

A CARES Team (a married couple with or without children, or two single adults) are placed into apartment communities to assist management in building authentic community and retaining residents. Responsibilities include:
1) welcoming new residents,
2) hosting social events (3 per month),
3) caring for staff and residents during times of need, and
4) visiting residents before their lease expires to determine their experience living in the community.

These CARES activities provide the Team a platform for ministry! As they develop relationships with residents they are able to share their faith and connect people to church in a natural way. The Team learns to see that evangelism is not something they do, but it is a lifestyle.

Each CARES Team is given a rent-free apartment in the community where they serve, but they contribute a monthly fee to the ministry. The commitment is for 24 months, and we guarantee that it will be 2 years that will change your life!

The website gives additional answers and has an application available. If there are more questions feel free to contact Randy Ginnan, CARES Houston Regional President, or Omar Garcia, our Missions Pastor.